We go the extra mile for our kids at Trillium!

The Trillium Equine Complex is delighted to provide a unique educational riding environment for our young students.  Riding is only one segment of this overall balanced riding lesson program.  As an added bonus, all children taking lessons receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP in the fun-driven and study series Clip Clop Club.  

Children receive a membership badge, collect horse trading cards for volunteer work, earn horse sticker rewards for learning various anatomy of horse and tack along with a host of creative, hands-on activities designed to entertain, while providing a keen learning experience.  Children in the Clip Clop Club develop life-skills that involve a measure of responsibility, degree of focus, enhanced self-esteem and practical care of their purebred Morgan Horse tutors.  

Special in-house events, guest speakers and off-site day field trips are designed to provide extended education for the child.  Parent volunteers are most welcome and in fact encouraged to participate in these special events.   We also host a very popular special Parents Night with their children assisting in teaching their parents the finer art of riding.

Our riding program promotes safety, balance, patience and compassion for the horse.