Our Foundation - Your Future

Since 1973, Trillium Morgan Horse Farm has been dedicated to the idea of breeding Morgan horses, while preserving the most desirous traits of the breed. Disposition and distinctive type have been our focus. We strive to produce an intelligent, kind Morgan, bred to breed on, who has the quality to compete in the show ring, as well as being a loving companion. We firmly believe in enhancing those traditional qualities which have been the nucleus of the breed. Our bloodlines incorporate some of the very best. We have chosen from the tough Government bred Morgans, whose challenges of stamina consisted of the rigorous 300 mile endurance tests. With a grandson of the magnificent Vigilmarch, including our dynamic five times high point park champion stallion carrying Flyhawk on his pedigree, the Government Morgans are well represented. Through our established broodmare bands, we have also introduced the refinement of the popular Nocturne line with their lovely heads and stylish action required for today's tri-colour show performers. Our program has been very successful, as demonstrated by our satisfied customers, rewarding us with many "sold out" years.

 When you purchase a "Trillium" Morgan, you invest in a breed unlike any other. You have been fortunate enough to have selected a line of Morgan that has become the ultimate choice for many of our multi-owner clients. You can have the confidence in knowing that all of our breeding stock, from broodmare to stallion, to the very young weanling, are routinely vaccinated, dewormed and monitored, while receiving timely professional Ferrier service. Every new owner receives the TMHF's New Owner's Handbook. The handy reference handbook contains a copy of your horse's registration paper, complete medical and Ferrier records, show achievements, training reports (where applicable), pedigree history, including photos, feeding guidelines and training or handling tips suited to your horse's own personality. We encourage new owners to take advantage of our educational programs and workshops to further their caretaking skills and abilities.